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Guided Fishing Trips on Lake of the Ozarks

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Welcome to my Jack's Guide Service

Would you like to try some fishing on your next trip to Lake of the Ozarks?  Come fishing with Jack’s Guide Service.  I offer a fishing guide service for all of  Lake of the Ozarks.  I am also the head guide for Tan-Tar-A Resort and Lakewood Resort in Osage Beach.  Fishing Lake of the Ozarks with Jack’s Guide Service takes all the work out of fishing.  No need to find your old fishing tackle, rods and reels, or tow your boat all the way to the lake. I have all the right equipment ready for you to use.  Just call Jack’s Guide Service and let me take care of everything for you.  Some people don't realize the difference a fishing guide makes to your fishing day.  I am on the water 6 to 7 days most of the year and even in the winter months I still fish several days a week. This is my full time job, I run about 200 guide trips a year.  The result is I spend a lot more time on the water helping people catch fish.  I live here at the heart of the lake in Osage Beach   Check out my client pictures page to see everyday people having success with my help. Proof is in the Pictures! 


Your next Vacation to Lake of the Ozarks is meant to be fun, not frustrating.  Lake of the Ozarks is full of fish but without knowing exactly where they are and what they are feeding on, you can spend hours trying to figure these fish out.  If you go on one of my Guided Fishing Trips I already know where the fish are.  This way you don’t spend hours of your precious vacation time fishing and only catching a few small fish if any.  When you go out fishing with me, you spend your time actually catching fish instead of trying to catch fish.  Do you Bass fish?  Would you like to become a better Bass fisherman?  Would you like to know how to properly fish the winning patterns for Bass at Lake of the Ozarks?  Better bass fishing comes down to knowledge and experience.  I help lots of tournament anglers become more versatile, more consistently good tournament fisherman.  Or even if you just want to learn more about how to have more fun and succeeding when you go fishing.  Check out Summer time Bass fishing on Lake of the Ozarks.  It is a brief description of the two major Bass Fishing patterns we use when you come fishing with me.  I recently added an article I wrote in regards to winter patterns for bass in January.

Do you want to learn how to Crappie fish on the Lake of the Ozarks?   Or have you recently moved to Lake of the Ozarks and hear everyone talking about Fishing for Crappie?  Let Jack’s Guide Service show you the secrets for year round Crappie fishing.  Crappies are a very plentiful in many areas and of course they are great to eat.  I help lots guys who have recently retired or recently moved into the area learn how to crappie fish.  I fast forward the learning process so you can catch fish on your own in the future.  They are also great for kids to catch! 



Bassing Bob - Lake Of The Ozarks


Half day (4hr) $300

3/4 day (6hr) $375

Full day (8hr) $475

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My new boat a 2014 Z9 Nitro

 Kansas City Star

"Catch of the week"

Jim Dorlac of Leawood will remember Sunday as his “best Father’s Day ever.”
He and his 11-year-old son, Jimmy (above), observed the day by going fishing with guide Jack Uxa at Lake of the Ozarks. And they had a day to remember.
Fishing shallow flats, dad caught a 7-pound bass and son caught largemouths weighing 6 1/2 and 5 pounds. By the time they were done, they had caught 25 bass.
Most of the fish were released, but Dorlac kept the two biggest to have mounted.
“My father, who passed away, was an avid fisherman,” Dorlac said. “I know he was smiling down on us Sunday
Read more: http://www.kansascity.com/2011/06/23/2971239/outdoors-digest-catch-of-the-week.html#ixzz1Qze7VX5r


Jack's Guide Service Weekly Fishing Report!! Every Friday at 5:15 on KRMS "The Lake News Station" 1150

Recommendations From Past Customers

I've taken a lot of guided fishing trips over the years.  I think Jack is probably the best one I’ve fished with.  He knows the lake, he knows what techniques are working, and he’s a just a great guy to spend a day with.  I’ve done a lot of bass fishing over the years – but I never pitched around docks before.  He taught me the tricks and was very patient.  If you’re on vacation, go for it.  If you are thinking about a “customer trip” - even better!  I know I’m going back next year.

Signed – Matt, South Dakota

  Hey Jack – thanks for the great day on the lake!  I really enjoyed learning how to fish deep water.  I’ve been bass fishing for years and never really learned this technique until now.  Also, thanks for taking some “time off” from the bass fishing to go get some white bass “for the pan.”  They were excellent!  I’m already planning my trip for next year.                   


    Jack,  Thanks for taking us out Friday, it was a lot of fun!!  Thanks for all your tipsand knowledge.  Bill and I will be calling again for a refresher trip.  Roger



I wanted to thank you again for taking Tim and me out fishing today and letting us pick your brain on fishing.  We both had a great time fishing with you and I we both came away with more firsthand knowledge (versus articles and fishing reports) about bass fishing the Lake of the Ozarks.  You were a ton of fun to fish with.   I will certainly recommend you to anyone that I know that is interested in a guide and also those that don’t think they need a guide but really do J.  Also, I will be in contact with you the end of Feb early March to hire you to help me to find the right spots in the mid lake area for spring and again in June for the Glaize, if you don’t mind me learning to get better from you.  If for any reason you ever need a reference and or quote for your marketing, I will be happy to do so.

 Bob- St.Louis, MO


Fishing Lake of the Ozarks General information

April, May and June are the best months to fish. This is when the fish are really biting the best. That being said Lake of the Ozarks is a great fishery no matter what season, we will catch fish regardless.  Limits of crappie year round are caught even in the middle of winter.  There is no other lake in the Midwest that produces as many 20lb tournament weights like Lake of the Ozarks.  Week after week most tournament winning bags will be around 20lbs.  This is a 4lb per fish average.  This lake is visited by thousands of people every year, yet only a portion realizes that they are visiting a fabulous fishing lake.  The other misconception is that this lake is wild, and boats are everywhere. This lake certainly does get busy especially on Saturday afternoons in the months of July and August.  However that is only for about two months out of the year.  The morning is the most productive time to fish anyway.  But I also offer evening trips or when ever your schedule allows.  If you are planning a fishing trip try to plan it on a weekday, it is much better fishing compared to the weekend.  Regardless of the time you have available give me a call, I try to be flexible and am usually able to fit a fishing trip in sometime.  If you like to fish as much as I do, try not to wait until the last minute to book a guide trip. It is important to spend the a few minutes now and secure the fishing part of your vacation. I will significantly help you catch more fish. 


 Bass Fishing on Lake of the Ozarks

The type of fishing we do depends on current conditions, your experience level, the time of year and what you want to get out of the trip.  I have had several tournament anglers hire me to help them get onto a good pattern for their upcoming tournament.  I also have lots of beginners hire me to help them catch their first fish in years.   I have many years of experience fishing here and the key to your success is to follow my instructions.  I have caught thousands of fish and get more enjoyment out of watching someone else catch a fish than I do catching them myself.  If you have a certain goal for the fishing trip let me know and if it is at all possible we will see it through. 



 My job is to put you around fish.  I spend countless hours on the water pre-fishing for my clients. I find where the fish are and what they are biting on in preparation for you to come fishing with me. Whether you’re an experienced fisherman or a beginner going out in a boat for the first time, I can show you how to become a better angler. To book a trip just give me a call on my cell phone at (573) 434-2570.


Lake Ozarks Fun

 My fishing guide service will pick you up at your hotel or if you are staying at Tan-Tar-A Resort I can simply pick you up at the Marina dock on the water.  Jack’s Guide Service will have everything you need for an enjoyable day of fishing.  The only thing I cannot do for you is get you a Missouri State Fishing License.  To order a license for yourself simply go to http://www.wildlifelicense.com/mo/ .   Everyone over 16 years old needs one to be legal and one day licenses are available.  At the end of the day I will bring you back to the dock, you then can pay by cash, check or credit card.  Then we practice catch and release or catch and keep for crappie and average sized catfish. Lets go fishing today call me at 573-434-2570 and book that fishing trip that you'll remember!


Gift Certificates Available!

Gift Certificates make great presents. In particular if you have someone who is difficult to buy a present for.  Someone who already has everything.  This is a present that can be used whenever they want.  It's a present that can be time well spent between the two of you enjoying the outdoors.  We can set everything up over PayPal, so it can be done quickly.  This is something people really enjoy and it lasts all day long.    


No Fish, No Pay!


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